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An iPad SIM Card That Is Affordable

So you have the latest iPad and you are glued to it. It goes wherever you go and you just cannot imagine life without it. Then now is time to take a look at an iPad SIM card that is affordable.


Well, would you buy the latest expensive and much talked about fancy car, and not drive it because you are worried about petrol prices?

Unfortunately, a lot of people who bought an iPad did not pay much attention to their iPad SIM card and  global roaming prices, and have this great piece of communication tool on hand with very expensive “fuel”.

So they fret over where and when to connect because they do not want to pay the same amount in a month’s time in global roaming charges as they would another iPad.

Sure, there are those who do not care or  do not need to care, but that’s not the point. The point is to connect smartly and intelligently so that the carriers do not have you by the …. um…. sensitive parts.

Here is what I am talking about:

Right now, you can really take advantage of all these features by getting the

MobilityPass iPad SIM Card for free with free shipping.

Pricing is simple : there are two price zones and the country you are traveling in or traveling to will either fall into zone A or zone B. Some countries have both zones so you can choose which cheaper carrier to go with. A small connection fee is all that needs to be added to the price per 100kb.

Plus you will not be left in the lurch after you get the SIM card, (by the way, you need to add funds before you get the free SIM card otherwise there will be no funds to start your global roaming), as you will automatically join the MobilityPass global roaming membership (again free) and have access to your secure account to monitor your billing live and manage cost control.

But what if you need other services such as WiFi or VoIP?

This is probably the best thing about getting a MobilityPass service, product or SIM card and having access to the membership area. Inside you can access a whole host of other communication tools such as WiFi with free WiFi software download, VoIP with free VoIP software download, SMS text messaging, global mobile phone SIM card with free roaming calls, DID numbers in more than 60 countries, webmail, fax, VPN, file backup and much more.

Another great added advantage to the iPad 3G SIM card is that it is secure and encrypted which means secure online transfer of sensitive information. You just cannot be too brazen these days.

Imagine a traveler’s worst nightmare and you got unglued from your iPad (or any other mobile device for that matter), and you are on a schedule; the MobilityPass backup system will have you up and running again in  no time with a new device so that you can just carry on with what you were doing. The only time you wasted was going shopping.

Let the support team at MobilityPass know (and they speak English, Spanish, German and French), and they will send another iPad micro SIM card out to you a.s.a.p.


One iPad 3G micro SIM card will

connect you in 120+ countries

with 220+ carriers

have just 2 price zones

ensure online security

give you live billing


no contract to sign

no monthly fees

a pay as you go system

And it is now FREE to get the iPad SIM card with FREE shipping

I think you will be mad not to at least try it out!