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How to Get Secure Internet Access Wherever You Roam

Businesses increasing depend on online connections to connect with customers and their business sources. Having a dependable connection service is therefore vital to a business’s success.

You need to have a global roaming service that will not only provide you with high speed internet access, but a secure connection. You need to be able to get this regardless of whether it is your laptop, mobile device or 3G iPhone.

More and more people are taking advantage of the global community to form business partnerships. Unfortunately, it can still be difficult to get internet access at some locations around the globe. On top of that, most WiFi hotspots that offer internet connections do not offer secure connections. Doing business with a connection that is not secure is risky at best.

What business travelers need are secure Global Roaming Passes that allows the traveler to connect wherever they may be without paying outlandish roaming charges.

Broadband can be right at the fingertips of any business traveler no matter where they are and what type of device they are using. Many of those doing business online today are using mobile devices that can give them access to the internet, but they have to have a connection. If in an area without a connection, they need to have a roaming card.

Even if a business traveler is stuck in a hotel room without internet access, they can use a roaming card as long as there is a phone line. Simply plug in the card, connect to the phone line and everything is set. There are no extra fees and the traveler can pay only for what they use.

An increasing number of businesses are conducting the majority of their business transactions over the internet. Having a roaming card can save time and money as well as make sure that the connection they are using is secure.

Roaming cards are not just for business owners, however . Anyone can take advantage of these cards and get a secure connection on their computer device, even hand held portables such as the 3G iPhone. For example, if someone is stuck in an area where they have no connection and need to send or request money from their bank account, they can do so securely by using one of these secure cards.

Internet roaming card give travelers secure internet access no matter where they happen to be, even on an international level. No one needs to be away from the security of an internet connection when they use these cards that work with wireless as well as dial up computers and hand held devices.

Michelle Williams is an author and consultant for MobilityPass


The Global 3G Mobile Broadband Internet Access Connect Your Laptop on the Move in 75 Countries

2010/03/02 1 comment

If you are abroad? On a business trip? Get Wireless Internet on the Move “, the new international 3G mobile broadband Internet access, added to allow the global Wi-Fi hotspots, dial-up and Toll Free Network MobilityPass travelers to immediately get in touch in a secure wireless connection to occur anywhere in the world.

Willing to work with any mobile Internet-enabled phone, i-phone or a laptop, 3G Mobile Broadband offers a plug-and-play solution for PC, Mac or Linux you expect in a included the use ofInternational 3G / UMTS / GPRS / HSDPA / EDGE USB modem operating at incredibly fast connection speeds of up to 7.2 MB, and the data on your SIM card for users connecting from continent to continent, while a suitable standard.

Would not it be great if you could stay in touch and manage your current e-mails sure where you are? Maintenance of online security is particularly compelling when you wireless Internet access. For this reason, the mobility Passport Service will insure your privacy andConfidentiality of data VPN uses encryption to secure unified communication suite, which includes, call, SMS text messaging, push e-mail, fax, IM – instant messaging, files and e-mail and any other online backup and remote communications.

With international roaming Internet access, travelers to experience the ultimate freedom to roam the Internet anytime and anywhere. Not only is the 3G mobile Internet access to connect to connect internationally there is no contract, monthly fees,Setup fee or maintenance fee, and there is absolutely no accounting for the service is not used, which means that users are able to give a really, because to go. This also allows users to costs by paying as they go and control the management of claims on their account.

Mobility passport contains in each mobile Internet offering the privacy and confidentiality of customer information and increased security when accessing the mobile Internet. The beauty of the packages is that if the Internet is not usedThe customer is no different position than most of the competition bill, the accounts of customers, irrespective of the use and transfer. This makes it a logical choice for business people around the world. From the United States, Europe and Asia, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Greece, Japan, Hong Kong, Israel, and several other sites, A Mobility Access Pass is the ideal choice for comfortable and safe to connect to Business travelers.

About Mobility Pass:Mobility Pass must pay an unsurpassed reputation for providing development-as-you-go Internet service roaming to visitors from the last eight years. Adherence to the highest customer service standards, the company has WiFi, provided broadband, dial-up, charge and 3G (UMTS) roaming connections to individual users or entire companies about their corporate plan. To learn more about the company and the services they provide can be found at:

These world 3rd generation Cell phone Broadband net Accessibility

Have you been In foreign countries? On just the Business travel? Get’Wireless Internet on the move,’ the newest 3rd generation world portable high speed net connection, added to the world WiFi hotspots, dial-up and Toll Free MobilityPass network permit travelers to attach immediately and safely connect wirelessly everywhere round the planet.

Ready with any unlocked Mobile Internet phone, i-phone or any portable computer, the 3G Mobile Broadband provides a plug and play solution for P.C, Mac or linux that includes a global 3G / UMTS / GPRS / HSPDA / EDGE USB modem Operating at fantastically fast connection speeds of nearly 7.2 MB, and also the info SIM card to attach users from continent to continent while matching any standard.

Wouldn’t or not it’s nice in case you can stay in touch and manage your current emails securely wherever you will be? Maintaining security online is especially important when using wireless net access. For this reason, the Mobility Pass service insure your privacy and confidentiality with an extra layer of data encryption VPN to secure the unified communication suite that include, Mobile phone call, SMS Text messaging, push emails, fax, IM – Instant Messaging, files and emails backup and all sorts of of the online and remote communications.

Together with international rambling net access, travelers experience the ultimate freedom to ramble the internet anytime, anywhere. Not just will the 3rd generation Mobile Internet access connect globally, there is not any contract, monthly charge, set-up charge, or upkeep charge, and there is no billing for service not used, that means that users can actually pay as they’re going. This too allows users to manage costs by paying as they are going and managing credit on their account.

This world 3G Cell phone Broadband internet internet Accessibility

Think you’re In foreign countries? Even on a Business travel? Get’Wireless net on the move,’ the modern 3rd generation global mobile high speed net connection, combined with the world WiFi hotspots, dial-up and Toll Free MobilityPass network permit travelers to connect instantly and safely connect wirelessly everywhere across the world.
Ready with any unlocked Mobile web telephone, i-phone or any portable, the 3G Mobile Broadband offers a plug and play solution for P.C, Mac or linux that features an international 3G / UMTS / GPRS / HSPDA / EDGE USB modem Operating at wonderfully fast connection speeds of approximately 7.2 MB, and also the data SIM card to attach users from continent to continent while matching any standard.

Would not or not it’s neat if you may possibly live in touch and manage your present e-mails safely wherever you will be? Maintaining security online is especially important when utilizing wireless net access. Because of this, the Mobility Pass service insure your privacy and confidentiality with an extra layer of information encryption VPN to secure the unified communication suite that include, Mobile phone call, SMS Text messaging, push e-mails, fax, IM – Instant Messaging, files and emails backup and everything of the online and remote communications.
Using global roaming web access, travelers experience the ultimate liberty to ramble the internet anytime, anywhere. Not simply does the 3G Mobile Internet access connect internationally, there isn’t any contract, monthly charge, set-up charge, or maintenance charge, and there is no billing for service not used, which means that users may be able to really pay as they are going. Which allows users to manage costs by paying as they go and handling credit available on their account.

MobilityPass announces New Internet Locator

MobilityPass has launched the internet access locator that can help you connect to a Wi-Fi connection, anytime, anywhere. This is the age of internet. No matter if you are a big industrialist or a high school student, imagining a life without internet is very hard to imagine. When computer was first introduced in offices, it created a big change in the way people communicated. But at that time, the internet speed was abysmal and it used to take several minutes to just connect to the internet via dial up connections which used to hang up our telephone lines and had a mind of their own about staying connected.

Needless to say, a change was in the offing. People needed a more reliable and faster internet and thus, broadband and Wi-Fi connections were introduced. The availability of cheaper and faster internet brought it out of the office and helped it become a part of our daily life; both personal and professionals.

Today, we can access internet where and whenever we want. The Wi-Fi connectors have ended the need to connect the computer with the any device as we can now surf wirelessly. Needless to say, the technologically conscious people are looking for faster and newer devices to get connected.

MobilityPass have introduced this new product in the market to tap in the ever growing demand for Wi-Fi finders. The representative of the company claims that the device can find internet connection in more than 9,000,000 locations around the world. The device not only searches Wi-Fi hotspots but can also lookout for Dial up connections, ISDN, Toll Free and wireless broadband connections quickly.

And that’s not all. You can also search according to the country and city you are in. A list of nearest access points will pop up on your screen along with a details and map of the location. Thus, no matter whether you are in your own country or in some foreign land, you won’t have any difficulty in finding your nearest internet hot spot.

The company has made sure that only safe and verified connections are provided on the list of access points. This is extremely important for the safety of the users. After all, you don’t want to become a victim of identity theft in a foreign land due to a viral internet connection.

This locator is perfect for business and frequent travelers as it can also locate Dial up or free connections. Since not every country has 3G or Wi-Fi networks, this option can prove to be very helpful.

MobilityPass provides instant access to all those access point with only one worldwide account and login. This means that you don’t have to go on and run from pillar to post to get internet connection on your computer started.

MobilityPass has come up with a very useful device. Travelers or people who love to use internet outdoors can really use this device.

Ways to Keep a Mobile Internet Connection Secure

Keeping a hotspot connection secure is a main concern for Internet users as even many businesses are using hotspots for Internet access. Hotspots are free wireless networks that can be accessed by anyone in close proximity to the transmitter. These are unsecure meaning no WEP or WPA passwords or encryptions are being used. This makes sense for simple and non-personal information transfers but, can present a problem when dealing with sensitive work material or private data that needs to remain private. A few steps can be taken by hotspot users to protect their personal data while using a hotspot.
First and foremost is the use of a personal firewall although this should be a common practice regardless of the access point being used. A firewall will protect a user form others on the hotspot network from accessing their computer and using or uploading files. In addition the file sharing feature should be turned off; this can be done on any operating system and should be done every time a hotspot is being used for Internet access. While file sharing is a useful tool at home or the office, it can be detrimental when using a public or free hotspot location; anyone with knowledge of file sharing can steal or install files to the public folder on a user’s Internet device leaving them open to viruses and malware.
Any function of a browser to save and populate passwords for web sites and personal information like banking accounts should be turned off. An end user should consider not accessing any credit card or financial sites while on a hotspot regardless of the security steps they have taken. This will limit the accessibility of their personal information by anyone on the hotspot network. Find the location of the “remember me passwords” function typically located in the “tools” menu of a browser and turn it off. To ensure further security, if a webmail based email system is being used, find the most secure connection for the site. In most cases it will be an https connection. The “s” ensures an SSL certificate of security and is used on ecommerce sites for security practices.
The simplest and easiest way of obtaining secure access to free and commercial hotspots is through a wireless broadband Internet provider like MobilityPass. By using their secure connections users can access the Internet from public hotspots with the knowledge that their privacy is secure. In more than 90 countries a client of MobilityPass will be able to surf, pay bills, check investments and access company databases with no fear of being compromised. This includes hotspots in cafes, hotels, airports, trains and even airplanes; in fact over 100,000 hotspots are available to the MobilityPass subscriber for fast, free and secure Wi-Fi hotspot Internet access. Virtual private networking is included with the MobilityPass plans securing the connection even further. VPNs are considered to be the only way to fully secure a hotspot connection and customers receive this in their service from MobilityPass as well as confidentiality, security and privacy.

MobilityPass a secure internet access to Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspots

In order to connect to the Internet via a Wi-Fi hotspot a few pieces of information will be needed. A user will need to know the SSID, channel, mode, and WEP or WPA key to access the hotspot. When a user purchases the Wi-Fi services the ISP will provide this information to them. While many utilities allow for the wireless card or antenna to find and connect to a hotspot, it is important to understand the differences in secure hotspots and free hotspots. A secure hotspot is any area in which a user typically pays for the hotspot service. With this, security codes and passwords are provided that help to ensure the safe transmission and protection of personal information.
MobilityPass® offers a hotspot access program that gives users a secure hotspot access point from a variety of places such as airports, hotels and trains. With more than 100,000 hotspots worldwide in over 90 countries no user will put their privacy at risk when using MobilityPass. Along with security and privacy there is no activation fee and no contracts to be signed; you will only pay for the data transmitted. Most free hotspots are offered by cafes and community meeting places and typically not protected by any kind of encryption or security features. They are free and this means fewer resources for the Wi-Fi network to use for security. The public or free hotspots, like all hotspots, have limited access ranges and are typically only available around the business or building.
The problem is that any person on the hotspot or any person able to connect to the hotspot has access to your personal information sent over the network. A hotspot, by definition, is a wireless local area network or (WLAN), and the same rules of file sharing and remote access apply to them. A firewall installed on the user’s computer or wireless Internet device must be in place but, this only protects the information contained behind the firewall and not what is sent over the network to the Internet. When connecting to a hotspot make sure that it is a legitimate hotspot. Any person with a small amount of networking knowledge can set up a wireless network and call it what they wish making it look like a recognized company hotspot.
Always turn off file sharing when on a hotspot location because anyone on the hotspot network will be able to see the files in the shared or public folders to use or steal them; they could also upload a virus this way. If the Wi-Fi antenna is not being used regardless of being close to a hotspot it should be turned off. Hackers can use a peer to peer connection to find registry data and passwords while a user is not even online or close to a hotspot. In effect the user’s computer becomes a hotspot that can be accessed via another computer’s wireless connection. Paid hotspot providers, such as MobilityPass®, are the best and safest solution to protecting a user’s personal and private information.