MobilityPass about

MobilityPass International Roaming Internet & Communications services:

MobilityPass team have 30 years of experience in secured telecommunications.
Since 1977, our team has been granted patents in Europe, the United
States and the Far East for its work on data exchange interfaces for
mobile devices, secure communication, payment and ID verification.

Our constant endeavor bore fruit with the creation and launch of the
MobilityPass secure global roaming internet access – ensuring a secure
global internet access for telco, business organizations, governments
and the self employed as they use new technologies and communications
tools abroad.

Since 1999 – 10 Years experience in secure global roaming internet

For the past 10 years, our international engineering team has been
developing a proprietary management and integration suite of key
internet business connection services that include Dial up, Toll Free,
Wifi Hotspots and 3G mobile broadband. With over 300,000 users around
the world and 100 millions of minutes served, Mobilitypass has provided
internet access to Roaming Operators such as Goremote, Gric, Ipass,
Otenet and international corporates such as Sony, Thomas Cook, SAFT, IPS
Sendero, Nissan, IRI, Tapeware.

Prestigious universities like Calpoly and MIT, as well as celebrities and movers and shakers on the world stage that need
confidential, secure and reliable communication services abroad, have also enjoyed
our services.

For example, we were for 7 years the provider of millions of minute
to AOL through a dedicated TCP clear secure tunnel, from Spain to their
clearing house in the States to connect their corporate users while
traveling in Spain.

During the last 4 years, MobilityPass has developed an unified secured and encrypted
package featuring a complete integration of communication tools and
services, including international cellular phone cards, sms text
messaging, push email, fax, internet phone, voice mail, virtual phone
numbers, and VPN tunnel integration.

The latest revolutionary development launched by MobilityPass
in early 2010 was the live billing and encrypted international 3G mobile
broadband, that will allow customers to control in real time the exact
cost of their mobile internet connection through a secure and private member´s area.

This will avoid unpleasant cost surprises and billing
issues that most operator and company face when offering 3G cellular
broadband roaming to mobile workers. This upgrade will
allow customers to connect with a secure access key to up to a hundred mobile
networks around the world such as:

    Optus, Vodafone, TDC Mobile, KPN, Bouygues, T Mobile, Optimus,
    Rogers, Hutchinson, AT&T, Orange, Proximus, SFR, etc…

MobilityPass´s future focus is on continuing to provide and improve
international secured communications for professional corporates,
governments and all individuals who want secure and low cost connections around the world.

Our corporate philosophy is to strive and differentiate ourselves from
the rest of the marketplace, by understanding that our customer is our
principal partner and deserve the highest level of service.

We understand that our clients will only continue to use MobilityPass’s services if it is
the very best available. In this respect, we are committed to providing connections that are based on reliability, privacy and
security that is second to none, with of course, reasonable costs.

When you are member :

You can access up to the minute live detailed information in your member’s area including :

Your usage in detail with the operator you used in the country or countries  you visited:

Your invoice history at:

Your payment receipts at :

Your account details and settings at :

Our support team is also available to answer any queries you may have.
We provide a 24 hours ticket service and phone assistance in
4 continents during European CET (or GMT +1) office hours at:

Global cellular phone sim card

140.000 Global roaming wifi hotspot access:

160 Countries Dial up and Toll Free

VOIP, Internet phone, Fax, SMS at :

VPN & Secured access services are reserved to corporate and institutions at :

For general information you can visit our web site:

To get more detailed information on services, rates and terms go to:

International 3G mobile broadband

Global cellular phone sim card

140.000 Global roaming wifi hotspot access:

160 Countries Dial up and Toll Free

VOIP, Internet phone, Fax, SMS at :

VPN & Secured access services are reserved to corporate and institutions at :

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