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WiFi Paris

WiFi Paris Special Promotion

MobilityPass are currently offering a WiFi pack that allows up to 500 minutes of connection time over a 5 day period which can be used in up to 25 European countries. The pack costs €20 or US$26.

In total there are more than 22,000 wifi hotspots to choose from in the 25 European countries. There are 5,951 WiFi hotspots located throughout France.

In the city of Paris there are roughly 700 WiFi hotspots to choose from. Many of these hotspots are located in bars, restaurants, cafes, hotels, train stations and airports.

The picture below shows the distribution and density of hotspots located in a 3km sq area of Paris with the centre being the Eiffel Tower.

paris hotspots

The MobilityPass connection manager is easy to download and install and provides a listing of all available hotspots in any given location. This can be downloaded prior to purchase to see if there are suitable hotspots at locations to cover your needs.

If you are visiting several European cities then the MobilityPass WiFi pack offers outstanding value and flexibility to stay in touch for business or pleasure

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The table below indicated the 25 countries in which the promotion can be used with the number of WiFi hotspots in that country.

Table of countries





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