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WiFi Europe

WiFi Europe Pack

WiFi Europe

Mobility Pass Limited Offer

WiFi Europe Pack

500 Minutes of Europe WiFi Hotspots

Internet Access for €20 or US$26, Valid for 5 Days.

MobilityPass are now offering a WiFi Europe roaming pack that covers all the major european countries including UK, France, Spain, Germany, Italy and twenty others in addition (see detailed list below with number of hotspots in each country).

Most European cities have hotspots, for example of the 4363 hotspots available in the UK there are 1422 available in the London area, 85 in Manchester, 125 in Edingborough and many more spread throughout the country in restaurants, bars, coffe shops, airports, train stations, hotels and many other locations.

The €20/US$26 pack will allow you to connect and use up to 500 minutes of WiFi over a five day period in any of the countries identified in the table below.

Get Your WiFi Europe Roaming Pack Here

How Do I Purchase

Follow the link at the bottom of this page to purchase the WiFi Europe roaming pack. You will find easy to follow instructions on how to pay, how to download the connection manager, and how to locate the hotspots and start using the pack at this page. You can download the free connection manager prior to purchase in order to indentify the specific sites of hotspots.

When Does the Five Day Period Commence

The five day period commences upon payment processing and acceptance and lasts up until midnight UTC of the fifth day. This means only €0.04/ minute, at 84% discount on our regular price. Please note that payment processing is not instantaneous and there may be a wait of several hours before you can connect. You will receive an email from MobilityPass with your member login information. Once you have received your user name and password you login to the MobilityPass “Members Area” and click on “Support and Downloads” where you will find the download tab for the MobilityPass WiFi connection manager denoted “EASYWIFI”. Just selct your device application and download.

What Happens After 5 Days?

You can carry on using our WiFi  services by logging into the “Members Area” and adding funds into your account if you so wish. (please note that regular price will apply after the expiration of the five day roaming pack period. All rates are indicated on our website).

If I am an existing member can I use the pack

If you are an existing MobilityPass member you may still purchase the pack.

How Do I Locate Hotspots

When you login to the MobilityPass “Members Area” there is a hotspot finding application that works with google map that will direct you to the nearest hotspot. There is also a WiFi locating tool built into the EASYWIFI Connection Manager.

What Operating Systems is the WiFi Connection Software Compatible With

The easy WiFi connection software is available for Windows including Windows 7, Mac OSX, iPhone, iPad, iPhoneTouch, Android, EeePC, Linux. It’s quick to download and the installation is automatic and it contains NO spyware.

MobilityPass Software Communication Suite

One of the advantages of the MobilityPass WiFi Europe pack is that when you purchase this pack you also get free membership to MobilityPass. This membership allows you to utilize software from the MobilityPass communication suite. You can send SMS, Fax, VoIP, web phone and buy DID numbers through the software suite. You also have live billing information so that you can see your account balance.

Limited Offer

Please note that any remaining unused minutes at the end of the 5 day period are non refundable. This is a limited offer. Once the allocated roaming packs are gone we will withdraw the offer at the sole discretion of MobilityPass.

Detailed List of Countries and Number of WiFi Hotspots

Country No of Hotspots
Austria 15
Belgium 1259
Bulgaria 2
Czech Republic 70
Denmark 22
Finland 30
France 5951
Germany 940
Greece 345
Hungary 106
Ireland 1120
Italy 1183
Luxembourg 49
Netherlands 1031
Norway 59
Poland 233
Portugal 68
Romania 273
Slovakia 32
Slovenia 62
Spain 2940
Sweden 50
Switzerland 2269
Turkey 2
United Kingdom 4363

Please click here to purchase your WiFi Europe roaming pack




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