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MobilityPass Review on 3G Mobile Broadband Coverage

Review on MobilityPass Global Roaming Mobile Internet Coverage:

Since the last 3 months, 12 new countries have been added and six countries, including Canada have drop the connection rates from Zone B to Zone A.

The New iPad Roaming Micro SIM card is now available for free with free shipping. MobilityPass also offer live cost control under a pay as you go mobile internet roaming services through their membership site – a free service with purchase.

The Global Roaming International WiFi connection manager is also included with any 3G SIM card and can now connect in 180,000 hotspots worldwide.

Please find below the chart for zone A and zone B countries. For more detailed pricing of our global roaming services, please visit :

ISO COUNTRY APN Mobile Internet Network MCC MNC Price ZONE
Aircraft OnAir Switzerland 90115 B
AI Anguilla Cable&Wireless 36584 B
AG Antigua and Barbuda Cable&Wireless Caribbean Cellular 34492 B
AG Antigua and Barbuda AT&T Ships 35001 B
AM Armenia Armen Tel 28301 B
AU Australia Singtel Optus 50502 B
AT Austria A1 23201 A
AT Austria T-Mobile Austria 23203 A
BH Bahrain Zain MTC-Vodafone 42602 B
BB Barbados C&W 34260 B
BY Belarus Velcom 25701 B
BY Belarus JLLC MTS (Mobile TeleSystems) 25702 B
BE Belgium Belgacom Mobile (Proximus) 20601 A
BE Belgium Orange (Mobistar) 20610 A
BE Belgium BASE NV/SA 20620 A
BM Bermuda AT&T Ships 35001 B
BA Bosnia and Herzegovina BHTelecom 21890 A
BA Bosnia and Herzegovina HT Mobile Mostar 21803 B
BA Bosnia and Herzegovina MOBI”S Srpskes Mobil 21805 B
BR Brazil TIM Rio Norte 72402 B
BR Brazil TIM Sao Paulo 72403 B
BR Brazil TIM Centro Sul 72404 B
BR Brazil 14 Brasil Telecom 72416 B
BG Bulgaria M-Tel 28401 A
KH Cambodia TMIC (Casacom) 45602 B
KH Cambodia Sotleco Beeline 45609 A
CA Canada Rogers Wireless (Fido) 30237 B
CA Canada Bell Mobility 30261 A
CA Canada Rogers Wireless 30272 B
KY Cayman Islands C&W Cayman Islands 34614 B
CN China Unicom 46001 A
CO Columbia COMCEL 73210 B
HR Croatia VIPnet 21910 A
CY Cyprus Vodafone 28001 A
CZ Czech Republic T-Mobile 23001 A
CZ Czech Republic Vodafone 23003 A
CD Democratic Republic of the Congo Vodacom Congo 63001 B
DK Denmark TDC Mobil 23801 A
DK Denmark Telia 23820 A
DM Dominica AT&T Ships 35001 B
DM Dominica C&W 36611 B
DO Dominican Republic Orange Dominicana SA 37001 B
EC Ecuador CONECEL (Porta) 74001 B
EG Egypt Vodafone 60202 A
EG Egypt Etisalat Misr 60203 B
EE Estonia Elisa Eesti 24802 A
FI Finland Elisa (Radiolinja Origo Ov) 24421 A
FI Finland Finnet/DNA Networks Ltd. (Telia Finland) 24403 A
FI Finland Elisa (Radiolinja Origo Ov) 24405 A
FI Finland Sonera 24491 A
FR France Bouygues 20820 A
DE Germany T-Mobile 26201 A
DE Germany Vodafone Mobilfunk (D2) 26202 A
DE Germany E-Plus 26203 A
GR Greece Cosmote 20201 A
GD Grenada C&W Grenada 35211 B
GU Guam AT&T Mobility 31041 A
GT Guatemala Sercom (claro) 70401 B
HK Hong Kong PCCW Mobile 2G (Sunday Mandarin Communications Limited (MCL)
45416 B
HU Hungary T-Mobile 21630 A
HU Hungary Vodafone 21670 A
IS Iceland Siminn 27401 A
IN India Airtel (Punjab) 40402 B
IN India Airtel (Himachal Pradesh) 40403 B
IN India Vodafone (Gujarat) 40405 A
IN India Airtel (Delhi) 40410 B
IN India Vodafone (Delhi) 40411 A
IN India Vodafone (Mumbai) 40420 A
IN India Vodafone (Maharashtra & Goa) 40427 A
IN India Vodafone (kolkata) 40430 A
IN India Airtel (Kolkata) 40431 B
IN India Airtel (Chennai) 40440 B
IN India Airtel (Karnataka) 40445 B
IN India Airtel (Andhra Pradesh) 40449 B
IN India Airtel (Rajasthan) 40470 B
IN India Airtel (Maharashtra & Goa) 40490 B
IN India Airtel (Mumbai) 40492 B
IN India Airtel (Madhya Pradesh) 40493 B
IN India Airtel (Tamilnadu) 40494 B
IN India Airtel (Kerala) 40495 B
IN India Airtel (Haryana) 40496 B
IN India Airtel (Uttar Pradesh West) 40497 B
IN India Airtel (Gujarat) 40498 B
ID Indonesia Indosat 51001 B
ID Indonesia Excelcomindo 51011 B
ID Indonesia Indosat 51021 B
ID Indonesia Hutchison 51089 B
IL Israel Cellcom Israel 42502 B
IL Israel Pelephone 42503 B
IT Italia Vodafone 22210 A
IT Italia Wind 22288 A
JM Jamaica Cable&Wireless Jamaica 33818 B
JP Japan Softbank (Vodafone) 44020 B
JP Japan NTT DoCoMo 44010 B
JE Jersey Telecom 23450 B
KZ Kazakhstan K’Cell 40102 B
KE Kenya Safaricom Ltd 63902 B
KS Kosovo IPKO 29341 A
KW Kuwait Zain 41902 B
LV Latvia LMT 24701 A
LV Latvia Bite Latvija 24705 A
LI Liechtenstein FL1 29505 A
LT Lithuania Omnitel 24601 A
LT Lithuania Bite 24602 A
LU Luxemburg VOXmobile 27099 A
LU Luxemburg P&T 27001 A
MK Macedonia VIP Operator 29403 A
MY Malaysia Maxis 50212 B
MV Maldives DhiMobile 47201 B
MT Malta Vodafone 27801 A
MX Mexico Telcel 33402 B
MX Mexico Telefonica Moviles 33403 B
MD Moldova Orange (Voxtel) 25901 A
MS Montserrat Cable&Wireless Westindies 35486 B
NL Netherlands KPN 20408 A
NI Nicaragua Enitel 71021 B
NO Norway NetCom 24202 A
OM Oman Nawras 42203 B
PK Pakistan Warid Telecom 41007 B
PH Philippines Globe Telecom 51502 B
PL Poland Polkomtel 26001 A
PL Poland Era 26002 A
PT Portugal Optimus 26803 A
PT Portugal TMN 26806 A
PT Portugal Vodafone 26801 A
PR Puerto Rico AT&T Mobility 31041 A
RO Romania Vodafone 22601 A
RU Russia MTS 25001 B
RU Russia MegaFon (GR St. Petersburg) 25002 B
RU Russia Uralsvyazinform (Ermak RMS) 25017 B
RU Russia Uralsvyazinform (Uraltel Ldt.) 25039 B
RU Russia Beeline JSC VimpelCom 25099 B
KN Saint Kitts and Nevis Cable&Wireless 35611 B
LC Saint Lucia AT&T Ships 35001 B
LC Saint Lucia Cable&Wireless 35811 B
VC Saint Vincent and the Grenadines AT&T Ships 35001 B
VC Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Cable&Wireless Caribbean Cellular 36011 B
SA Saudi Arabia Etihad Etisalat (mobily) 42003 B
RS Serbia VIP mobile (Topnet) (Serbia) 22005 A
RS Serbia Telekom Srbija 22003 B
SG Singapore M1 52503 B
SG Singapore Singtel 52501 B
SG Singapore Singtel 52502 B
SK Slovakia T-Mobile 23102 A
SI Slowenia Simobil-Vodafone 29340 A
SI Slowenia Mobitel 29341 A
ZA South Africa Vodacom 65501 A
KR South Korea SK Telecom 45005 B
ES Spain Vodafone 21401 A
ES Spain Orange 21403 A
LK Sri Lanka Dialog 41302 B
SE Sweden Telenor 24008 A
SE Sweden Telia Sonera 24001 A
CH Switzerland Swisscom Mobile 22801 A
CH Switzerland Sunrise 22802 A
CH Switzerland Orange 22803 A
TH Thailand DTAC (Total Access Comms Co) 52018 B
TR Turkey Turkcell 28601 B
TR Turkey Vodafone (Telsim) 28602 A
TM Turkmenistan BCTI 43801 B
TC Turks and Caicos Island Cable&Wireless Westindies 37635 B
UA Ukraine Astelit LLC (Life:-) 25506 A
UA Ukraine MTS Ukraine 25501 B
AE United Arab Emirates (UAE) Etisalat 42402 B
AE United Arab Emirates (UAE) Du 42403 B
GB United Kingdom Vodafone 23415 A
US United States T-Mobile 31026 B
US United States AT&T Mobility 31041 A
UZ Uzbekistan Unitel 43404 B
VN Vietnam Viettel 45204 B
VI Virgin Islands (US) AT&T Mobility 31041 A

An iPad SIM Card That Is Affordable

So you have the latest iPad and you are glued to it. It goes wherever you go and you just cannot imagine life without it. Then now is time to take a look at an iPad SIM card that is affordable.


Well, would you buy the latest expensive and much talked about fancy car, and not drive it because you are worried about petrol prices?

Unfortunately, a lot of people who bought an iPad did not pay much attention to their iPad SIM card and  global roaming prices, and have this great piece of communication tool on hand with very expensive “fuel”.

So they fret over where and when to connect because they do not want to pay the same amount in a month’s time in global roaming charges as they would another iPad.

Sure, there are those who do not care or  do not need to care, but that’s not the point. The point is to connect smartly and intelligently so that the carriers do not have you by the …. um…. sensitive parts.

Here is what I am talking about:

Right now, you can really take advantage of all these features by getting the

MobilityPass iPad SIM Card for free with free shipping.

Pricing is simple : there are two price zones and the country you are traveling in or traveling to will either fall into zone A or zone B. Some countries have both zones so you can choose which cheaper carrier to go with. A small connection fee is all that needs to be added to the price per 100kb.

Plus you will not be left in the lurch after you get the SIM card, (by the way, you need to add funds before you get the free SIM card otherwise there will be no funds to start your global roaming), as you will automatically join the MobilityPass global roaming membership (again free) and have access to your secure account to monitor your billing live and manage cost control.

But what if you need other services such as WiFi or VoIP?

This is probably the best thing about getting a MobilityPass service, product or SIM card and having access to the membership area. Inside you can access a whole host of other communication tools such as WiFi with free WiFi software download, VoIP with free VoIP software download, SMS text messaging, global mobile phone SIM card with free roaming calls, DID numbers in more than 60 countries, webmail, fax, VPN, file backup and much more.

Another great added advantage to the iPad 3G SIM card is that it is secure and encrypted which means secure online transfer of sensitive information. You just cannot be too brazen these days.

Imagine a traveler’s worst nightmare and you got unglued from your iPad (or any other mobile device for that matter), and you are on a schedule; the MobilityPass backup system will have you up and running again in  no time with a new device so that you can just carry on with what you were doing. The only time you wasted was going shopping.

Let the support team at MobilityPass know (and they speak English, Spanish, German and French), and they will send another iPad micro SIM card out to you a.s.a.p.


One iPad 3G micro SIM card will

connect you in 120+ countries

with 220+ carriers

have just 2 price zones

ensure online security

give you live billing


no contract to sign

no monthly fees

a pay as you go system

And it is now FREE to get the iPad SIM card with FREE shipping

I think you will be mad not to at least try it out!