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Global Roaming Access To Worldwide 3G Mobile Broadband Networks

Better than just a 3G broadband card from a 3G carrier

The Global Roaming SECUREkey is not only a sophisticated and robust authentication platform, but it also allows you when authenticated, to be connected securely to International 3G mobile broadband network in 90 countries. This is achieved via a precise cost control and easy mobile workforce management interface.

The Strong Authentication Architecture interacts with the SECUREkey device by submitting authentication requests, receiving authentication results, and then granting or denying end-user authorization to access to the Internet through the international Global roaming 3G mobile broadband network. Once authorized the end-user can reach the Internet or the company intranet.

The Global Roaming SECUREkey device and the Strong Authentication Server (SAS), can extend the Internet Authentication Service to provide multiple authentication factors – starting from 2 to up to 5 levels using the innovative GlobalRoaming SECUREkey patented technology.

You can also gain access to our 140.000 worldwide WiFi hotspot network, to off-load mobile broadband data traffic and to optimize download and heavy traffic. The same user settings are used to make the user experience easy, flexible and convenient.

The GlobalRoaming SECUREkey protects the network usersʼ identities locally and provides access to the international 3G mobile broadband network by performing 3 hard and soft authentication factors.

The GlobalRoaming SECUREkey patented technology ensures the highest security, privacy and confidentiality level to access critical information while traveling.

The SECUREkey comes with it’s own unique credentials and worldwide APN that is used as a hard challenge authentication. In order to complete the authentication process, a soft authentication challenge requires each user to provide a unique user name and password that is set up by them in the management portal

The SECUREkey is supported by almost all families of end-user 3G enabled devices including the iPad. This capability enables issuers to provide end-users secure access with the most appropriate connection device. This simple feature will allow  secure access to the international 3G network under a high level of security requirements, while maintaining full compatibility on the backend with a minimum on investment, human resources and implementation time.

The GlobalRoaming SECUREkey SIM Card does not allow incoming or outgoing voice calls or SMS as it is strictly dedicated to securing data traffic.

User expectations for instant communication and ease of use, as well as terminals which are easily lost or stolen, present a number of unique challenges in the mobile environment.

Global Roaming uses a dual redundant data center located in 2 continents to insure maximum reliability and availability. All systems are built and designed with Cisco Systems solutions from firewalls, routers, gateways, switches, concentrators…

The Global Roaming Worldwide Mobile Broadband Access allows no compromises on security.

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