MobilityPass announces New Internet Locator

MobilityPass has launched the internet access locator that can help you connect to a Wi-Fi connection, anytime, anywhere. This is the age of internet. No matter if you are a big industrialist or a high school student, imagining a life without internet is very hard to imagine. When computer was first introduced in offices, it created a big change in the way people communicated. But at that time, the internet speed was abysmal and it used to take several minutes to just connect to the internet via dial up connections which used to hang up our telephone lines and had a mind of their own about staying connected.

Needless to say, a change was in the offing. People needed a more reliable and faster internet and thus, broadband and Wi-Fi connections were introduced. The availability of cheaper and faster internet brought it out of the office and helped it become a part of our daily life; both personal and professionals.

Today, we can access internet where and whenever we want. The Wi-Fi connectors have ended the need to connect the computer with the any device as we can now surf wirelessly. Needless to say, the technologically conscious people are looking for faster and newer devices to get connected.

MobilityPass have introduced this new product in the market to tap in the ever growing demand for Wi-Fi finders. The representative of the company claims that the device can find internet connection in more than 9,000,000 locations around the world. The device not only searches Wi-Fi hotspots but can also lookout for Dial up connections, ISDN, Toll Free and wireless broadband connections quickly.

And that’s not all. You can also search according to the country and city you are in. A list of nearest access points will pop up on your screen along with a details and map of the location. Thus, no matter whether you are in your own country or in some foreign land, you won’t have any difficulty in finding your nearest internet hot spot.

The company has made sure that only safe and verified connections are provided on the list of access points. This is extremely important for the safety of the users. After all, you don’t want to become a victim of identity theft in a foreign land due to a viral internet connection.

This locator is perfect for business and frequent travelers as it can also locate Dial up or free connections. Since not every country has 3G or Wi-Fi networks, this option can prove to be very helpful.

MobilityPass provides instant access to all those access point with only one worldwide account and login. This means that you don’t have to go on and run from pillar to post to get internet connection on your computer started.

MobilityPass has come up with a very useful device. Travelers or people who love to use internet outdoors can really use this device.

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