How Good is the iPhone Overseas?

The iPhone 3G is a versatile tool for the mobile communicator and computing individual and it comes with an unlimited data plan for the US only. Outside of the US, iPhone users will need to be on roaming for data transmissions which can add up quickly. The service provided by 3G networks still works the same way and provides the same speed of transmissions but, with the use of roaming the data iPhone bill will skyrocket. There are a few options available to iPhone 3G users to limit the amount of billing for use of the iPhone outside of the US for data transmission.
The first step is to turn off the roaming feature of the iPhone 3G; it is important that only the data roaming is turned off, otherwise no phone calls can be made. To turnoff the data roaming, be sure the iPhone has the latest edition of firmware and then proceed to the “settings” button. Next tap the “general” option and then the “network” option. Slide the data roaming indicator to the off position. While this works well when not using the data functions it will need to be turned on and off as needed to limit the amount of data used and transmitted.
Another option is the AT&T global data coverage. AT&T offers a data coverage program for the worldwide business person or traveler able to be used in 29 countries worldwide. This is a data package only and does not apply to phone call rates for overseas travelers. This plan only works on 3G networks and the security they provide does not translate into the use of free hotspots used by many travelers when in another country. Yes a user could use the data package to have less expensive data rates abroad but, will need a cellular network to access the Internet. In addition the end user will need to call AT&T prior to using the plan for it to be activated. With the advent of AT&T and iPhone allowing third party companies to provide data service overseas, another option is available to users of the iPhone 3G.
MobilityPass provides 3G coverage to iPhone 3G owners via service plans for wireless broadband Internet access. This service uses an international SIM card for data transmissions anywhere in the world with a 3G network. In fact, over 75 countries are included in the service which is far more than AT&T’s 29 countries. MobilityPass also provides secure and private access to Wi-Fi hotspots for use by their clients further improving the access to the Internet overseas. Every account has the option of prepaying for service or paying as the data is transmitted and no client ever has to sign a contract. Hotspots are paid for by the time used not the data transmitted. In addition a Wi-Fi Finder is provided that can export the search results to a GPS device for future reference in a business trip or family vacation. Overall, MobilityPass offers a cost effective alternative, wider coverage area and increased security when compared to other service providers.

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