How to Use IPhone 3G

The IPhone 3G is a combination of multiple functionalities culminating in a resourceful and versatile digital device. The 3G designation is not a designation of the version of the IPhone but, a designation of the data transmission technology being used. 3G allows for the fast transmission of data and information for use over the Internet by mobile computing devices. The basic specifications of 3G are that it transmits data up to 14.4 Mbit/s on the downlink and 5.38 Mbit/s on the uplink. This delivers faster surfing and improved video call functionality. With IPhone 3G an end user can be on a call and surf the web simultaneously.

By implementing a dual channel transmission, the new IPhone 3G offers higher flexibility and better performance to its users. This feature will enable a user to determine where to meet with friends or family while out on the town. All IPhone 3G phones will automatically recognize if a 3G network is available and connect to it automatically. The downside is that 3G networks are not available everywhere and in those cases the IPhone will use the provided network protocols for data transmission; in most cases it will be either a 2.5G network or an EDGE network. The IPhone 3G is more than just a phone with Internet access; it is a fully functional portable pocket computer with a phone.

The IPhone 3G can connect to any Wi-Fi network and keep the user informed of all updates via email and text messaging. Many users may want to upgrade their old IPhone to the 3G version of technology. Unfortunately, this is not possible. 3G requires new and specialized hardware to perform at its peak and the old versions of the IPhone cannot be upgraded to work on a 3G network. The 3G has an average download speed of 1.4 Mbs which is two to four times as fast as the EDGE network. Downloading music, files and images has never been easier and a user can do it while talking to their friends and family. Due to the nature of activation the IPhone 3G has to be activated in an Apple store or AT&T store in the US and not through iTunes.

The built in GPS locator is perfect for Geotagging images taken on a trip but, the GPS for directions has no voice commands so a co-pilot will be needed for determining the directions to the intended destination. A multitude of applications exist for the IPhone 3G from image apps to social networking and bookmarks. Of course the IPhone can be synced with a calendar, email, media or newsgroup account for constant connections to the most important pats of connectivity for users. MobilityPass offers 3G coverage with security, privacy and confidentiality to IPhone 3G users worldwide from over 75 countries and over 100,000 hotspots. Pay no activation fee and sign no contracts as users and clients can pay as they go and only pay for the data transmitted. They offer virtual private networking with every service plan securing the connection even further.

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