How Do I Increase my Wireless Signal Strength?

The main area of concern in using wireless Internet and signals for networking is the signal strength. Signal transmission strength determines the area that can access the Internet through the transmission towers or antennas. Starting with a home or WLAN in a community or business office, there are several options which an individual can use to improve their signal strength. The first option is to simply move closer to the transmission point; either the wireless router or transmission tower/antenna. In the case of a desktop computer this will be an unlikely solution, but for laptops and mobile computing devices, this should help with the signal strength. If the desktop is using an internal card, either PCI or PCI-e, check on the age and model of the card. Odds are that replacing the card with a USB modem will help tremendously.

The best part of a USB modem is that it can use an extension cable to enable the end user to place the receiving USB modem closer to the signal tower or transmission point. Should this not improve the signal, consider using a high gain antenna to capture more of the signal being transmitted that can then be directed to the Internet device. Since the Internet signal is a radio signal it operates just as a television set does, not connected to cable of course. The antenna needs to be in the line of sight of the transmission tower or antenna. Essentially the user needs to be able to see the tower for best results, but this is not always true.

If the position of the tower is known and is only blocked by a few trees, then the antenna may be placed in close approximation to the location of the tower. The cable from the antenna on top of the building to receive the Internet signal can then be brought into the building and by using a wireless router, split to all of the home computers. The taller that antenna the better; in some instances a high gain satellite dish would also work as they are simply modified antennas. Working in a home wireless network has far more options than on a mobile wireless Internet but, some tricks can be applied to improving the signal in a mobile wireless setting or using a wireless Internet connection in a home or office.

The best way to improve a mobile or completely wireless Internet connection is through the use of an antenna just as with a home solution. The difference here is that the antenna will need to be placed on the exterior of the car, just like with the original cell phones. Small antennas may be purchased either at a local store or through the provider of the wireless Internet in some cases. The signal strength in wireless Internet settings is determined by the provider and the FCC, in some cases they cannot increase the strength from the towers due to regulations. In other cases it is simply the lack of towers the provider has at its disposal. MobilityPass has towers in over 75 countries around the world to improve signal strength and access to the Internet. The user can choose Wi-FI hotspots or continuous wireless Internet for their access options and there are absolutely no set up fees and no recurring billing; pay only for time used. The antennas are sometimes called repeaters and some even come equipped with amplifiers to increase the strength even more. Careful attention should be paid to the antenna’s power requirements, if any exist.

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