MobilityPass: an introduction

Hello everybody! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my first blog on I am Bob and my business provides Global Roaming 3G Broadband Modem, Global Voice Sim cards, Voice Data Sim cards and WiFi connections (100.000 hot spots) worldwide. We also have a fax serviceVOIP phone service, sending text messages etc.

I am going to post some general info to start with so you can get an idea about what I’m all about. I hope everyone has started their week out well and I look forward to posting here and also looking at everyone else’s blogs!

About MobilityPass:

MobilityPass is an International Data and Voice communications business offering its users a comprehensive set of pay as you go tools. With business customers all around the world, prestigious companies like Sony, Thomas Cook, Nissan and MIT use MobilityPass to connect their Mobile workers. 150,000 users across the world are already using MobilityPass to save on Mobile roaming, connect anywhere to the internet, send an online secured SMS or fax or back up data files from an encrypted mobile office. With MobilityPass there is no contract costs and users benefit from local connection rates rather than expensive global roaming charges. MobilityPass was launched 10 years ago with its operation and infrastructure located in Canada and Spain.

    Comprehensive & Flexible “Swiss knife in communication”:

MobilityPass offers the market a comprehensive international set of pay-as-you-go data & voice mobile communication tools allowing travelers & businesses to connect globally anytime and anywhere they want.

Whether you need to deal with international phone calls or connect wireless & securely to the internet, manage your email accounts from anywhere, send an SMS or fax or back up your files, MobilityPass can offer you the right secure & encrypted solution. Traveling with MobilityPass is like taking your communication “Swiss knife” wherever you go. You will always be able to communicate securely with customers and colleagues and family and friends even if you lost your portable or mobile.

Drop your roaming bill, save time and be more efficient in today’s competitive world:

The MobilityPass technology provides you with global Internet & communication services while traveling in 120 countries all in one account. And best of all: is there is no set up fee or long term binding contract. Whether you are an individual or business traveler, you can now avoid being confronted with overpriced global roaming charges.

By using the MobilityPass global SIM system, you can receive incoming calls for free in more than 75 countries and make calls at local rates to more than 223 countries. Always the same number wherever you go. 
The unique MobilityPass dual number Sim comes by default with a UK and US mobile number on the same Sim and the best of all is that you can add as many numbers as you like from 60 countries. Doing so you insure your global presence and offer a convenient and friendly low cost local call to your contacts.
 When it comes to connecting to the Internet internationally, the 120 countries 3G MobilityPass coverage with the 100.000 wifi hotspots and the global dialup will connect any Laptop, Iphone, blackberry or smartphone worldwide securely and economically. 
The no contract policy, average savings on yearly roaming call and/or data charges up to 50-80% makes MobilityPass the perfect communication partner.

Cost Control, Security & Management:

Online Centralized billing of all services (never mind the countries) allows you to control your daily usage and assure you that you only pay for what you use.
 Corporate & small businesses can manage all international communication & internet access of mobile employees. No investment, instant activation, minimum overhead and knowledge required. 
One single login worldwide for all your communication from 3G to Mobile call, Fax, etc. No more need to provide your id, credit card, or to maintain several accounts for each service or each country you go, putting at risk your security & privacy.

A Secure Mobile Office, your passport to international privacy and confidentiality.

Value added service: MobilityPass does not only provide the access and communication, it also takes care of your privacy and security providing a complete essential encrypted tool to be used when connecting from anywhere
 As a simple example of the MobilityPass value added service: If you connect with a regular local provider in China, most of the time you will not be able to send your emails using your current email account. With MobilityPass there is no problem, you can use your email as usual and on the top of that your email will be locally protected by encryption. MobilityPass protects your emails, sms, VOIP, Fax and backup files the same way anywhere in the world. 
MobilityPass has its own private VPN and all communications are encrypted therefore protecting you from any external local access.

Behind this incredible technology there is a ”human being” support team that is dedicated to take care of our members personally.

Call support in 5 continents available in 6 languages. 
24 hour online support.
 3 days express UPS shipping.

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