Get the most of your Eurail and Interrai

Get the most of your Eurail and Interrail Pass.
Enjoy FREE incoming calls and low data rates.
Get a discount of up to 40% on the Eurail Roaming SIM Card. Enjoy the best rates in Europe for calling, texting and data.
Eurail and Interrail have teamed up since 2012 with telecommunications partner Global Roaming to offer you great International rates, coverage and dedicated Eurail Roaming SIM card support.
The Eurail Roaming SIM card allows you to receive and make calls, surf, text or app your friends and family while traveling through Europe.

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Get the most of your Eurail and Interrai

Get the most of your Eurail and Interrail Pass.
Enjoy FREE incoming calls and low data rates.
Get a discount of up to 40% on the Eurail Roaming SIM Card. Enjoy the best rates in Europe for calling, texting and data.
Eurail and Interrail have teamed up since 2012 with telecommunications partner Global Roaming to offer you great International rates, coverage and dedicated Eurail Roaming SIM card support.
The Eurail Roaming SIM card allows you to receive and make calls, surf, text or app your friends and family while traveling through Europe.

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WiFi China From MobilityPass

Seagate drives being tested, Seagate Wuxi Chin...

Stay connected in China with MobilityPass

Although many people go to China for holidays, many more go to there for business reasons.

Whether you have your own office in China, or you visit your manufacturers regularly, or you just like to keep tabs on what is going on in the biggest manufacturing country in the world; staying in touch while you are there is vitally important.

MobilityPass is offering a WiFi China pack that has unlimited* WiFi access for euro 49 or US$ 68.60 a month.

With over 75,000 WiFi hotspots, you will always be able to connect. Best of all, this WiFi China pack applies to Macau (the Las Vegas of the Far East) and Hong Kong (where truly East meets West).

What do I do?

  • Firstly click above and purchase the China WiFi roaming pack.
  • Secondly you need to download the WiFi connection manager, the link to which is located above or in your “Member’s Area”.
  • Available For Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, And Android platform
  • Once your payment is processed and accepted, you can commence usage. (Please note that payment processing is not instantaneous.) You will be sent a notification.

If you wish to continue with the WiFi service after using the China Pack for a month, all you have to do is log into the member’s area and use our WiFi service all over the world. One fix rate per minute applies (with a connection fee) to all WiFi hotspots around the globe.

So if you are planning on going to China any time soon, check out the WiFi China pack from MobilityPass. It will give you access to tens of thousands of hotspots and it is at a great price.

* fair usage applies

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WiFi Paris

WiFi Paris Special Promotion

MobilityPass are currently offering a WiFi pack that allows up to 500 minutes of connection time over a 5 day period which can be used in up to 25 European countries. The pack costs €20 or US$26.

In total there are more than 22,000 wifi hotspots to choose from in the 25 European countries. There are 5,951 WiFi hotspots located throughout France.

In the city of Paris there are roughly 700 WiFi hotspots to choose from. Many of these hotspots are located in bars, restaurants, cafes, hotels, train stations and airports.

The picture below shows the distribution and density of hotspots located in a 3km sq area of Paris with the centre being the Eiffel Tower.

paris hotspots

The MobilityPass connection manager is easy to download and install and provides a listing of all available hotspots in any given location. This can be downloaded prior to purchase to see if there are suitable hotspots at locations to cover your needs.

If you are visiting several European cities then the MobilityPass WiFi pack offers outstanding value and flexibility to stay in touch for business or pleasure

Click Here to buy WiFi pack

The table below indicated the 25 countries in which the promotion can be used with the number of WiFi hotspots in that country.

Table of countries





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D-Link DWM-156 Quadband Modem

MobilityPass currently have a special offer on the D-Link DWM-156 Quadband USB Modem for €59 – US$ 77 (Including Free Shipping) 

D-Link Picture

If you will be travelling the world in the near future and want to maintain contact for personal or business purposes with your computer then the D-Link quadband USB modem will allow you to achieve this.
The 3.75 G HSuPa USB adapter allows users with a computer to connect to worldwide mobile broadband networks. While connected, users can transfer data, stream media, and send SMS messages.

Click Here to Purchase D-Link USB Modem

Many modems allow you to connect to the internet in Europe or USA but only quadband modems allow you to connect in both. This is because the frequencies used for such connections are different in the USA and Europe.

In the USA 3G operates in the 850-1900 MHz frequency band whereas most European contries operate in the 2100 MHz frequency. If you buy the wrong modem then you may not be able to connect in all countries that you travel to.

You need to recognise this when you buy some of the latest laptops as well as some of then still do not have inbuilt quadband modems. If you take such a laptop to a country other than the frequency on which the inbuilt modem operates

Maximum download speeds of up to 7.2Mbps and uploads at up to 5.76Mbps allow for a speedy data connection.

The USB modem also doubles as a MicroSD card reader for optional optimum flexibility. Better yet, the device is small enough to fit in your pocket.
The technical specifications are as detailed below


Windows 2000/XP/ViSta or Mac oS X 10.4.0+ƒ Pentium 500MHz or greaterƒ 128Mb RaM or greaterƒ 50Mb available disk spaceƒ internet explorer v6.0+ / Firefox v1.5+

Frequency Ranges

GSM BAND (GSM/GPRS/EDGE)ƒ 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHzƒ Power class 4 (900 / 1850 MHz)ƒ Power class 1 (1800 / 1900 MHz)

UMTS/HSDPA BAND *ƒ 850 / 1900 / 2100 MHzƒ Power class 3 (+24 dbm

Click Here to Buy D-Link Modem


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WiFi Europe

WiFi Europe Pack

WiFi Europe

Mobility Pass Limited Offer

WiFi Europe Pack

500 Minutes of Europe WiFi Hotspots

Internet Access for €20 or US$26, Valid for 5 Days.

MobilityPass are now offering a WiFi Europe roaming pack that covers all the major european countries including UK, France, Spain, Germany, Italy and twenty others in addition (see detailed list below with number of hotspots in each country).

Most European cities have hotspots, for example of the 4363 hotspots available in the UK there are 1422 available in the London area, 85 in Manchester, 125 in Edingborough and many more spread throughout the country in restaurants, bars, coffe shops, airports, train stations, hotels and many other locations.

The €20/US$26 pack will allow you to connect and use up to 500 minutes of WiFi over a five day period in any of the countries identified in the table below.

Get Your WiFi Europe Roaming Pack Here

How Do I Purchase

Follow the link at the bottom of this page to purchase the WiFi Europe roaming pack. You will find easy to follow instructions on how to pay, how to download the connection manager, and how to locate the hotspots and start using the pack at this page. You can download the free connection manager prior to purchase in order to indentify the specific sites of hotspots.

When Does the Five Day Period Commence

The five day period commences upon payment processing and acceptance and lasts up until midnight UTC of the fifth day. This means only €0.04/ minute, at 84% discount on our regular price. Please note that payment processing is not instantaneous and there may be a wait of several hours before you can connect. You will receive an email from MobilityPass with your member login information. Once you have received your user name and password you login to the MobilityPass “Members Area” and click on “Support and Downloads” where you will find the download tab for the MobilityPass WiFi connection manager denoted “EASYWIFI”. Just selct your device application and download.

What Happens After 5 Days?

You can carry on using our WiFi  services by logging into the “Members Area” and adding funds into your account if you so wish. (please note that regular price will apply after the expiration of the five day roaming pack period. All rates are indicated on our website).

If I am an existing member can I use the pack

If you are an existing MobilityPass member you may still purchase the pack.

How Do I Locate Hotspots

When you login to the MobilityPass “Members Area” there is a hotspot finding application that works with google map that will direct you to the nearest hotspot. There is also a WiFi locating tool built into the EASYWIFI Connection Manager.

What Operating Systems is the WiFi Connection Software Compatible With

The easy WiFi connection software is available for Windows including Windows 7, Mac OSX, iPhone, iPad, iPhoneTouch, Android, EeePC, Linux. It’s quick to download and the installation is automatic and it contains NO spyware.

MobilityPass Software Communication Suite

One of the advantages of the MobilityPass WiFi Europe pack is that when you purchase this pack you also get free membership to MobilityPass. This membership allows you to utilize software from the MobilityPass communication suite. You can send SMS, Fax, VoIP, web phone and buy DID numbers through the software suite. You also have live billing information so that you can see your account balance.

Limited Offer

Please note that any remaining unused minutes at the end of the 5 day period are non refundable. This is a limited offer. Once the allocated roaming packs are gone we will withdraw the offer at the sole discretion of MobilityPass.

Detailed List of Countries and Number of WiFi Hotspots

Country No of Hotspots
Austria 15
Belgium 1259
Bulgaria 2
Czech Republic 70
Denmark 22
Finland 30
France 5951
Germany 940
Greece 345
Hungary 106
Ireland 1120
Italy 1183
Luxembourg 49
Netherlands 1031
Norway 59
Poland 233
Portugal 68
Romania 273
Slovakia 32
Slovenia 62
Spain 2940
Sweden 50
Switzerland 2269
Turkey 2
United Kingdom 4363

Please click here to purchase your WiFi Europe roaming pack




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MobilityPass Review on 3G Mobile Broadband Coverage

Review on MobilityPass Global Roaming Mobile Internet Coverage:

Since the last 3 months, 12 new countries have been added and six countries, including Canada have drop the connection rates from Zone B to Zone A.

The New iPad Roaming Micro SIM card is now available for free with free shipping. MobilityPass also offer live cost control under a pay as you go mobile internet roaming services through their membership site – a free service with purchase.

The Global Roaming International WiFi connection manager is also included with any 3G SIM card and can now connect in 180,000 hotspots worldwide.

Please find below the chart for zone A and zone B countries. For more detailed pricing of our global roaming services, please visit :

ISO COUNTRY APN Mobile Internet Network MCC MNC Price ZONE
Aircraft OnAir Switzerland 90115 B
AI Anguilla Cable&Wireless 36584 B
AG Antigua and Barbuda Cable&Wireless Caribbean Cellular 34492 B
AG Antigua and Barbuda AT&T Ships 35001 B
AM Armenia Armen Tel 28301 B
AU Australia Singtel Optus 50502 B
AT Austria A1 23201 A
AT Austria T-Mobile Austria 23203 A
BH Bahrain Zain MTC-Vodafone 42602 B
BB Barbados C&W 34260 B
BY Belarus Velcom 25701 B
BY Belarus JLLC MTS (Mobile TeleSystems) 25702 B
BE Belgium Belgacom Mobile (Proximus) 20601 A
BE Belgium Orange (Mobistar) 20610 A
BE Belgium BASE NV/SA 20620 A
BM Bermuda AT&T Ships 35001 B
BA Bosnia and Herzegovina BHTelecom 21890 A
BA Bosnia and Herzegovina HT Mobile Mostar 21803 B
BA Bosnia and Herzegovina MOBI”S Srpskes Mobil 21805 B
BR Brazil TIM Rio Norte 72402 B
BR Brazil TIM Sao Paulo 72403 B
BR Brazil TIM Centro Sul 72404 B
BR Brazil 14 Brasil Telecom 72416 B
BG Bulgaria M-Tel 28401 A
KH Cambodia TMIC (Casacom) 45602 B
KH Cambodia Sotleco Beeline 45609 A
CA Canada Rogers Wireless (Fido) 30237 B
CA Canada Bell Mobility 30261 A
CA Canada Rogers Wireless 30272 B
KY Cayman Islands C&W Cayman Islands 34614 B
CN China Unicom 46001 A
CO Columbia COMCEL 73210 B
HR Croatia VIPnet 21910 A
CY Cyprus Vodafone 28001 A
CZ Czech Republic T-Mobile 23001 A
CZ Czech Republic Vodafone 23003 A
CD Democratic Republic of the Congo Vodacom Congo 63001 B
DK Denmark TDC Mobil 23801 A
DK Denmark Telia 23820 A
DM Dominica AT&T Ships 35001 B
DM Dominica C&W 36611 B
DO Dominican Republic Orange Dominicana SA 37001 B
EC Ecuador CONECEL (Porta) 74001 B
EG Egypt Vodafone 60202 A
EG Egypt Etisalat Misr 60203 B
EE Estonia Elisa Eesti 24802 A
FI Finland Elisa (Radiolinja Origo Ov) 24421 A
FI Finland Finnet/DNA Networks Ltd. (Telia Finland) 24403 A
FI Finland Elisa (Radiolinja Origo Ov) 24405 A
FI Finland Sonera 24491 A
FR France Bouygues 20820 A
DE Germany T-Mobile 26201 A
DE Germany Vodafone Mobilfunk (D2) 26202 A
DE Germany E-Plus 26203 A
GR Greece Cosmote 20201 A
GD Grenada C&W Grenada 35211 B
GU Guam AT&T Mobility 31041 A
GT Guatemala Sercom (claro) 70401 B
HK Hong Kong PCCW Mobile 2G (Sunday Mandarin Communications Limited (MCL)
45416 B
HU Hungary T-Mobile 21630 A
HU Hungary Vodafone 21670 A
IS Iceland Siminn 27401 A
IN India Airtel (Punjab) 40402 B
IN India Airtel (Himachal Pradesh) 40403 B
IN India Vodafone (Gujarat) 40405 A
IN India Airtel (Delhi) 40410 B
IN India Vodafone (Delhi) 40411 A
IN India Vodafone (Mumbai) 40420 A
IN India Vodafone (Maharashtra & Goa) 40427 A
IN India Vodafone (kolkata) 40430 A
IN India Airtel (Kolkata) 40431 B
IN India Airtel (Chennai) 40440 B
IN India Airtel (Karnataka) 40445 B
IN India Airtel (Andhra Pradesh) 40449 B
IN India Airtel (Rajasthan) 40470 B
IN India Airtel (Maharashtra & Goa) 40490 B
IN India Airtel (Mumbai) 40492 B
IN India Airtel (Madhya Pradesh) 40493 B
IN India Airtel (Tamilnadu) 40494 B
IN India Airtel (Kerala) 40495 B
IN India Airtel (Haryana) 40496 B
IN India Airtel (Uttar Pradesh West) 40497 B
IN India Airtel (Gujarat) 40498 B
ID Indonesia Indosat 51001 B
ID Indonesia Excelcomindo 51011 B
ID Indonesia Indosat 51021 B
ID Indonesia Hutchison 51089 B
IL Israel Cellcom Israel 42502 B
IL Israel Pelephone 42503 B
IT Italia Vodafone 22210 A
IT Italia Wind 22288 A
JM Jamaica Cable&Wireless Jamaica 33818 B
JP Japan Softbank (Vodafone) 44020 B
JP Japan NTT DoCoMo 44010 B
JE Jersey Telecom 23450 B
KZ Kazakhstan K’Cell 40102 B
KE Kenya Safaricom Ltd 63902 B
KS Kosovo IPKO 29341 A
KW Kuwait Zain 41902 B
LV Latvia LMT 24701 A
LV Latvia Bite Latvija 24705 A
LI Liechtenstein FL1 29505 A
LT Lithuania Omnitel 24601 A
LT Lithuania Bite 24602 A
LU Luxemburg VOXmobile 27099 A
LU Luxemburg P&T 27001 A
MK Macedonia VIP Operator 29403 A
MY Malaysia Maxis 50212 B
MV Maldives DhiMobile 47201 B
MT Malta Vodafone 27801 A
MX Mexico Telcel 33402 B
MX Mexico Telefonica Moviles 33403 B
MD Moldova Orange (Voxtel) 25901 A
MS Montserrat Cable&Wireless Westindies 35486 B
NL Netherlands KPN 20408 A
NI Nicaragua Enitel 71021 B
NO Norway NetCom 24202 A
OM Oman Nawras 42203 B
PK Pakistan Warid Telecom 41007 B
PH Philippines Globe Telecom 51502 B
PL Poland Polkomtel 26001 A
PL Poland Era 26002 A
PT Portugal Optimus 26803 A
PT Portugal TMN 26806 A
PT Portugal Vodafone 26801 A
PR Puerto Rico AT&T Mobility 31041 A
RO Romania Vodafone 22601 A
RU Russia MTS 25001 B
RU Russia MegaFon (GR St. Petersburg) 25002 B
RU Russia Uralsvyazinform (Ermak RMS) 25017 B
RU Russia Uralsvyazinform (Uraltel Ldt.) 25039 B
RU Russia Beeline JSC VimpelCom 25099 B
KN Saint Kitts and Nevis Cable&Wireless 35611 B
LC Saint Lucia AT&T Ships 35001 B
LC Saint Lucia Cable&Wireless 35811 B
VC Saint Vincent and the Grenadines AT&T Ships 35001 B
VC Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Cable&Wireless Caribbean Cellular 36011 B
SA Saudi Arabia Etihad Etisalat (mobily) 42003 B
RS Serbia VIP mobile (Topnet) (Serbia) 22005 A
RS Serbia Telekom Srbija 22003 B
SG Singapore M1 52503 B
SG Singapore Singtel 52501 B
SG Singapore Singtel 52502 B
SK Slovakia T-Mobile 23102 A
SI Slowenia Simobil-Vodafone 29340 A
SI Slowenia Mobitel 29341 A
ZA South Africa Vodacom 65501 A
KR South Korea SK Telecom 45005 B
ES Spain Vodafone 21401 A
ES Spain Orange 21403 A
LK Sri Lanka Dialog 41302 B
SE Sweden Telenor 24008 A
SE Sweden Telia Sonera 24001 A
CH Switzerland Swisscom Mobile 22801 A
CH Switzerland Sunrise 22802 A
CH Switzerland Orange 22803 A
TH Thailand DTAC (Total Access Comms Co) 52018 B
TR Turkey Turkcell 28601 B
TR Turkey Vodafone (Telsim) 28602 A
TM Turkmenistan BCTI 43801 B
TC Turks and Caicos Island Cable&Wireless Westindies 37635 B
UA Ukraine Astelit LLC (Life:-) 25506 A
UA Ukraine MTS Ukraine 25501 B
AE United Arab Emirates (UAE) Etisalat 42402 B
AE United Arab Emirates (UAE) Du 42403 B
GB United Kingdom Vodafone 23415 A
US United States T-Mobile 31026 B
US United States AT&T Mobility 31041 A
UZ Uzbekistan Unitel 43404 B
VN Vietnam Viettel 45204 B
VI Virgin Islands (US) AT&T Mobility 31041 A